Gift voucher tools for retail

Everyone loves trendy clothes, fresh flowers, sports equipment, handy kitchen items and other gadgets. That's why our gift card solutions are such a success. They are happy makers that you like to give and receive as gifts. For sale at your business and to spend exclusively there. Isn't that an interesting formula? We thought too. We're going to tell you all about it.

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Our gift cards ensure that customers come to us in a targeted way and always leave with a purchase.
Erik Ernest | Runners4Life

Extra customers, guaranteed

Assured of extra customers, sounds good, but how? Very simple: the gift voucher can only be returned to your beautiful store. And once there, they often spend more than the value on their gift card. Logically, your appearance and assortment will take care of that. See you soon!

Gift vouchers for sale at the cash register

You don't want to miss any turnover, so of course the gift vouchers are also available in your store. Stylishly presented at the cash register, you will certainly sell 30% more tickets. You can top up the popular gifts yourself with any amount you want. Also handy: you can set the stock to automatic refill. All very simple via the Gifty app, the dashboard or your cash register. And the counter display, you get that from us. As a gift!

Accept gift vouchers in your webshop

Do you want to sell gift vouchers in your business and have them spent in your webshop? Of course! Or accept gift cards sold online at the cash register? This is also possible with our smart omnichannel gift voucher tools. Install our WooCommerce or Magento Plugin or easily connect your webshop with our API.

Super easy, I'm not handy with these things but this goes without saying.
M Haren

Easy to give as a gift

Getting a gift voucher from your business is of course great, but giving it is also fun. And easy too because everyone can do it. With the order module on your site, it's easy. And the lucky recipient? He will receive it directly in his mailbox or festively packed on the doormat. Hurrah!

Always open

Your business gift card is now available for purchase 24/7. Useful for anyone who is busy, forgetful or just attentive. Because online you are always open and this gift is ordered quickly. Another great thing: as an entrepreneur you don't have to do anything about it. With our order module it goes completely automatically. Calls and emails about gift vouchers are allowed to us, new customers to you. How does that sound?

Happy with administrative ease!
Pascal van der Grijn | Tuincentrum Huiting

Flawless administration

Get rid of scary excel sheets, self-created codes and other hassles. You want an overview, especially with multiple stores. We make it easy for you by neatly registering all gift vouchers. This way you always have a correct administration and you can see in real time how you are doing. How many gift cards have been sold and redeemed? What have they brought in and how much is still open? Piece of cake.

The whole package

For retail we make beautiful gift vouchers and festive packaging in the right house style. For sale in your store but also online. We arrange ordering, payment and smooth shipping. Sending is done by post or e-mail and directly to your customer. Just leave the entire process to us. Score points with your customers.

Every season a beautiful, new photo on the voucher, really a gift!
Pascal van der Grijn | Tuincentrum Huiting

the looks

We have to admit, we also love the exterior. That is why we print the most beautiful gift vouchers for retail on high-quality heavy paper with a silky coating. We pack the physical card in a sturdy sleeve of wood-free paper. But our digital voucher is also on point; it splashes off the screen and can be proudly emailed to the lucky recipient. You can also print the gift card and give it in person. You design the gift voucher yourself in your own house style. Need help? Our designers are happy to help you. And free. That's what we like. Get samples

Activities per employee

Viewing the finances, adjusting a design or ordering new gift vouchers; not everyone has the same rights. You can easily set the permissions on the dashboard. The transaction overview shows real-time data of sold and redeemed gift cards per employee.

All gift vouchers are never surrendered. Paid out.


Gifty does not charge variable commissions but a fixed amount per ticket sold. That way you know exactly where you stand. Also nice; we will pay you every gift voucher sold, even if it is not returned. Pssst, did you know that on average 23% of cards are never redeemed?

Reward or compensate

Do you want to reward or compensate a customer for something? Then a digital gift voucher is a nice and easy gesture. Enter the amount and email it directly to your customer.

Quick response and my request was immediately met without any hassle.

Customer service

Help, I've lost my gift card - is it still valid? - I have a question about the delivery - Did my payment go well? Questions about gift cards take time and are never convenient. Our customer service will gladly take over from you. All questions from guests can be sent to us. By mail, app, chat or telephone; Gifty handles it nicely. check.

A great solution and clear back office for all our stores and webshop.
Bas de Wit | Non Stop Fashion

Multiple stores

Do you have multiple stores? You want that neatly arranged. In the dashboard you can see exactly how many vouchers have been sold and where taken. Nice and clear.

Whether your customers are happy with Gifty?

“The gift cards were delivered super fast and nicely wrapped. Very surprised.”
“Super easy, I'm not handy with these things but this goes without saying.”
M Haren
“The gift card from JEU de boules bar directly in my mailbox, great!”
b***[email protected]**.com

Do you want to know more as a retailer?

We tell you everything. All about our gift card solutions for retailers. Call, email, chat or app with Loes. She gets it.

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Free sample pack 🤗
Curious about the looks and functioning of the gift cards?
Free sample pack 🤗
Curious about the looks and functioning of the gift cards? Request free samples.