Gift Card Order Module

Selling your gift cards 24/7 through your website and social channels? With our plug & play ordering module, it's a breeze, all customized to match your brand. We've got it covered. Orders, payments, and shipping; leave it to us. Plus, here's the kicker: we always pay out the sold gift cards to you, even if they haven't been redeemed yet.

Visitors can choose between a physical or a digital gift card. This way, we always meet the right demand.
Peter Oosterbroek | Planet Awesome

Via Email
or Mailbox

Still want it sent digitally in a flash, or prefer a swift delivery by post? Your customer gets to choose how the gift card is delivered.

Your Gift Card
Your Branding.

The gift cards, gift packaging – we create everything in your branding. Need assistance with your design? No problem, we're here to help.

We are increasingly selling gift cards with an hour of water skiing or wakeboarding as a gift.
Mariska Telkamp | Down Under

Amount or
Package Deal

What gift cards do you offer? A custom amount or a complete package deal for your business, like a high-tea, beauty treatment, or a go-kart ride? You have the freedom to set your preferences in the dashboard.

Congratulations, Star!

Hooray, heartfelt words, or a fond farewell; a personal message on your gift card adds an extra touch of charm. With up to 300 characters, the sender can get creative in the ordering module. And we'll print it neatly on the gift card.

Smooth Payments

A smooth payment process boosts gift card sales – take our word for it. We let your customers pick from various payment methods like iDEAL, credit card and Bancontact. Easy as that.

The order module saves me a lot of hassle. Very easy!
Marco Holm | Van Marco

Plug & Sell

Selling your very own gift cards on your website is an absolute game-changer. Achieving this is a breeze – simply integrate our user-friendly ordering module with a pinch of code or a convenient plugin. It may sound simple because it truly is! Whether you prefer a widget, adding your gift card to the menu, or embedding the ordering module on a page, we've got you covered. Feeling a tad overwhelmed? No worries! Just ring us up, and we'll be thrilled to guide you every step of the way.

Warm Welcome in the Right Language

Crossing borders? Fantastic! Your customers can easily purchase their gift cards in English, Dutch, French or German too. Our clever system detects the country and offers a warm welcome in the appropriate language. We ship gift cards via mail to as many as 11 countries.

An incredibly user-friendly order module and professionally designed gift cards. We couldn't be happier
Chris Wijland | De Havixhorst

Optimized for
Every Device

Effortlessly order a gift card from any device you choose. Whether it's a laptop, tablet, desktop, or mobile phone, you'll have it sorted in just a few clicks. Your gift is ordered, paid for, and sent out in no time.


Want to know more?

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